Why Bandera Sports Complex Needs Your Donations

Why Bandera Sports Complex Needs Your Donations

Bandera Sports Complex needs your help!  We appreciate any and all tax-deductible donations that go straight back into helping maintain safe and usable fields for a large variety of youth sports.  The Bandera Sports Complex, a 501()(3) nonprofit, tax-deductible organization manages the largest collection of athletic fields in Bandera County – benefiting youth playing baseball, softball, soccer and football.  The entire leadership structure of the complex, and all its partner sports leagues are volunteers working hard to be good stewards of our gifted resources.  Lacking government or consistent foundation funding, we often have unmet needs that player fees do not cover.

Currently the complex has a capital need of a new groundskeeper residence. It is imperative that we have a residence on-site for our groundskeeper/maintenance person , which is also needed  for the security of the facility.  Our groundskeeper handles most off-season fields maintenance, security and all common/driving area upkeep.  We have been challenged with a matching $10,000 gift if we can come of with another $10,000 locally.

Will you please help us do this?

Besides our capital funding need, there are always smaller needs that can be met with financial or physical donations.  These are things like fertilizer, pesticide, seed, sand, and road base.  Equipment donations/loaner equipment is also welcome as it helps ensure ease of maintenance for the entire complex.  This funding request is specific to the capital improvement need of a new living quarters, but if you are wishing to discuss physical donations, please contact us at banderasportscomplex@gmail.com.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the Bandera Sports Complex, and for considering a monetary or physical donation.  Remember, all donations are tax deductible and go back to helping the youth of Bandera – regardless of the sport of choice.