About Us


We are committed to providing recreational facilities
for all school-age children in Bandera County
with an emphasis on good sportsmanship.


The Bandera County Sport Complex began with the dream – a dream to build an athletic center for the youth and adults in the community to enjoy for many years to come. Bandera County is unlike many counties that have plenty of activities for the youth. Bandera, being the county seat, does not have bowling alleys, theaters, or any recreational facilities for the children and youth; therefore, forward – thinking citizens of Bandera County knew they had to do something to fill this void. . .  View More


To undertake the construction and completion of the sports complex for adequate baseball, soccer, and flag football fields,

To provide continuing and long term supervision of the sports complex, and

To raise funds for the acquisition of property, for the construction of the complex, and to provide funds for the long term care and maintenance of the facility.


Our organization consists of a Board of Directors, members of the Bandera Little League, Bandera Youth Soccer League, and the Bandera Youth Flag Football Association.

Our local fundraising efforts and grants have brought us thus far. We continue however to do local fundraisers and look for outside funds through grants from foundations, corporations, governmental agencies, etc.

Our goal is to be the best we can be.


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