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Please Contact Jean Heep, Director of the Sports Complex, for the forms to use for the sports complex and for scheduling your event. CLICK HERE FOR THE PRESIDENT'S CONTACT INFO

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1. Tournaments, select teams and other activities will pay according to the pay schedules determined by the Directors of the Sports Complex.

2. After each use the infields will be raked and watered.

3. All trash and garbage will be picked up, bagged and removed from the Complex after each use (Game or Tournament).

4. Concession, appliances and restrooms will be kept clean and inspected before leaving the complex after play. All soap, toilet paper, paper and cleaning supplies will be furnished by the using organization.

5. Using organization Chairman/President or Representative will sign inventory sheet with condition before each use. All repairs and replacements will be at the expense of the using organization.

6. Marking fields for play will be the responsibility of the using organization. All marking materials will be mixed on the ground NOT cement areas.

7. All lights on the fields and concessions will be turned off before the Using organization leaves the Complex. The light on the US Flag must remain lit and security lights.

8. No signs will be posted in the Sports Complex without prior approval of the Sports Complex Board of Directors.

9. Proof of Liability Insurance and Release of Liability Form releasing the Sports Complex from all liability will be furnished prior to the beginning of the games along with a schedule of games to be played (Dates & Time).

10. The Sports Complex reserves the right to charge Deposit Fees.

11. Proper conduct and good sportsmanship will be maintained at all times. NO SMOKING, CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES OR ALCOHOL will be consumed at the Bandera Sports Complex or will be consumed at any sports event.

12. No alterations will be made to the facilities without approval of the Bandera Sports Complex. Walls or enclosed areas will not be used to clean mud, etc. from shoes, etc.


1. Mowing, fertilizing and maintaining fields in playing condition, except as provided in Items 2 and 3 in this contract.

2. Providing the electricity to buildings, playing fields and surrounding areas.

3. Maintaining the entire complex grounds, except as noted above.

4. Building all fields, courts, facilities and storage buildings. No structures will be placed on the Complex without prior approval from the Sports Complex Directors.

5. The Sports Complex reserves the right to lease, but to coordinate with any League to not conflict with normal play, the facilities.

6. Fees for all advertising located within the complex will be paid to and approved by the Sports Complex.

The Bandera Sports Complex is a 501(c)3 organization in the State of Texas and is not funded or owned by Bandera County or the City of Bandera. All fees collected and regulations will be approved by the Bandera Sports Complex Board of Directors.

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